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The Green Key

The Green Key is a label for environmental management for tourist accommodation run by the Foundation for Environmental Education since 1998. It rewards campsites, hotels, guest houses for their action in environmental stewardship.

Selecting a Green Key accommodation for holidays, it's selecting to reduce our impacts on environment and to promote another form of tourism, more respectfull.

Nevertheless, water and energy saving as well as waste sorting are not the problem of the lonely managers but should be a common concern of everyone and everyday. Choosing a Green Key accommodation, it's also rewarding the efforts made by the professional and going further with our own behaviour.

Some examples:

- Do not thow wastes everywhere, but in the appropriate container
- reduce the time of shower, it consumes a lot of water and energy!
- Do not take the car for short ways that can be done by foot!
- Switch off the lights and electric devices in empty rooms
- accept that our car is not on our pitch but a little further on a car park: it avoids noise, odours and visual pollution in the campsite

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